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Meet: Bailey

Golden Retriever

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Bailey is my silly girl. She gets so excited when the pink backpack and my snowshoes come out for the day. After running around in circles she will calm down and sit to get suited up. As we approach the mountain her nose is out the window sniffing the fresh air. She loves the snow and hiking up Mount Seymour's Dog Mountain Trail. She can chase snowballs all day. She gets a rest stop chewy bone and treats. At the end of the day we are both dog tired and enjoy a relaxing evening.
my silly girl, fuzzy wuzzy, goofy
hiking, the beach, mulching sticks, playing fetch, chicken
getting her nails cut, the vacuum, slippery floors
Favorite Foods: 
halo dry dog food, marrow bones treats, rawhide chewies, spinach
Favorite Pastimes: 
chewing, running, walkies

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