Modern Dog Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Connie Wilson commissioned this portrait of her dog, Kaya, painted by Lisa Graziotto; prices start at $360;

Spoiled rotten; fastest dog on the beach; couch potato; bossy old lady; daddy's little girl; cuddle bunny; sun sponge…

When asked to talk about our dogs, most of us can usually come up with at least one predominant trait that immediately jumps to mind. Describing a dog's personality is easy, but how do you go about capturing that essence for posterity? With a portrait of course! For every style, taste, and budget, there's a portrait artist with the savoire faire to lionize your fur kid in a manner befitting their personality; it's choosing the right artist that can seem daunting. If you've decided to give yourself or a friend the ultimate gift of a portrait, just how do you get started? Modern Dog to the rescue! Herein we've put together a selection of talented portrait artists, offering an array of styles and prices. Several Modern Dog staffers have already immortalized their significant others (see left).


Starting at: $40

Pet Portraits by Bethany
Starting at: $60

Windcoast Studio
Starting at: $150


Modern Pet Designs
Starting at: $180



Dorothy Booth Fine Arts
Starting at: $300


Paw Palettes, Inc.
Gretchen Kish Serrano
Prints starting at: $45


Leah Davies
Starting at: $125


Geoffrey Martin Watercolour
Starting at $450


Bark Pet Photography
Starting at: $150



Best Dog Portraits
Starting at: $350


John Campbell
Starting rate is $2500


Scratch and Sniff Photography
Starting at $200



Animal Instincts
Starting at $52 for smaller sculptures. $85 for clocks and keyholders as low as $34.


Lisa Graziotto
Starting at $360


Dyanna Bruno
Starting at $140



Melinda Buie Studio
Starting at: $1000