62% of Modern Dog readers clip their dog's nails.


62% of Modern Dog readers give their dogs supplements.


92% of Modern Dog readers refer to themselves as a Dog Mom or Dad.


73% of Modern Dog readers kiss their dogs.


40% of Modern Dog readers think they look like their dog.


78% of Modern Dog readers also have a cat.


98% of Modern Dog readers buy presents for their dogs.


24% of Modern Dog readers have worked with a professional dog trainer.


56% of Modern Dog readers think dog tricks are demeaning.


65% of Modern Dog readers cook for their dog.


37% of Modern Dog readers’ dogs have their own social media accounts.


87% of Modern Dog readers vacation with their dogs.


97% of readers celebrate their dog's birthday.


92% of readers would accept a job with lesser pay to bring their dog to work.


Lucky dogs. 96% of readers buy their dogs holiday gifts.


If possible, 54% would alter their dog's DNA so he could talk.


If money were no object, 38% would clone their dog before the end of his/her life.


78% of dogs sleep in their owner's bed


96% think dogs experience emotions similar to those humans feel, such as grief, guilt, anxiety, and love.


92% think the formal standards for purebred dogs should be changed to focus on health rather than appearance.


Even if no one’s watching, 85% of Modern Dog readers still pick up after their dogs.


71% of Modern Dog readers think ear-cropping and tail-docking should be illegal in North America.


88% of Modern Dog readers would dump their significant other if he/she didn’t like their dog.


81% of Modern Dog readers would boycott an airline with a no-pets policy.