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Jun 20, 2013 - Oct 29, 2018 Missed by Neil Young Fan (Lori) in Carbon Canyon, Brea. CA

Orry rescued me after I said goodbye to my 14 yr. old pup Chaos. He was fearful of many things (trashcans, balloons, motorcycles), but he loved Chasing Cars, the dog park & spent hours "squirrel hunting" at a Reg.Park. He had the time of his life until he didn't! Last July he was diagnosed w/ a blood platelet disease (IMT). He spent a week in the hospital, came home w/ 8 different immuno-supressant meds, followed by tri-weekly visits to his Vet; when his condition worsened, it was daily visits to Specialists. After 3 mos. he lost his battle & I lost my boy. I Love & Miss you, Orry!! Dog Moms & Dads BEWARE! Don't over-vaccinate your pups! Orry did get a squirrel one time. His Vet urged me to bring him in for a rabies vac even though he wasn't due for another year (an Animal Control Officer told me there hasn't been reports of rabid squirrels in years), & after that his annual Rattlesnake vac. I believe the vaccines brought on his disease & the meds to cure the disease killed my boy

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