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Oct 08, 2005 - Apr 30, 2021 Missed by Ariel in Indiana, FW

When getting Junior it was a week before my great grandmother passed away. When we see him he had a bandage and popsicle stick on his right leg I guess being the only survivor of liter comes sacrifices. Always thought of him as a survivor from the incidents that happen to him over years like getting hit by a vehicle and getting attacked by a pitbull luckily no injuries. Sadly never grew out of the different right leg and had a bit of a back leg issue. He was protective of me from the pitbull story I was walking him and a pit bull jump a fence put in mouth luckily the owner came out. He was adored by groomers and many people. An older lady stopped to tell me how cute he was at a stop sign. Took to Well Ground Cafe in Huntertown he got pictures taken there and he roamed around and was adored. I mainly miss them when I show up and expectations were to always carry him and be near me 24/7. He always looked excited and had to watch me leave to feel a little relief.

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