WoofPack Dog Walking Accessory Bag

May 23, 2018
WoofPack Dog Walking Accessory Bag

Walking your dog is a breeze with the WoofPack! And—bonus—there won't be the scent of poop on that breeze. This lightweight, water-resistant dog waste holder will give you an awesome hands-free walking experience, so you no longer have to wince and hold poop bags away from you as you struggle to walk your dog. Built with an inner pocket with antimicrobial lining that effectively stores used dog poop bags and absorbs residual odour, this nifty bag also includes outer additional compartments that can hold personal items, such as keys and cell phones (separated from the used dog waste bags). The WoofPack is available in different colours—office German Shepherd Maverick and his mom love the black/camo design! - ERM

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