Lisa Bane Art: Honour Your Dog with a Beautiful Pet Portrait

December 28, 2018
Lisa Bane Art: Honour Your Dog with a Beautiful Pet Portrait
Lisa Bane Art pet portrait of dog at the beach

Here at Modern Dog, we never pass up a chance to honour and cherish our furry family members. That’s why we love Lisa Bane Art’s beautiful pet portraits. A perfect combination of realism and artistic vision, these portraits help you to capture the unique qualities your dog possesses in a painting that will last for years to come. 


beautiful pet portrait of a LabradorCurrently living and working in New Stanton, Lisa Bane has always had a passion for art. As a child, Bane loved to draw, and her mother’s work in landscape paintings inspired Bane’s creativity in her formative years. Having once been a registered nurse, Bane had to take a leave from physical work due to rheumatoid arthritis. Although a difficult illness, this is what inspired Bane to return to her love of art full time. Bane now fully embraces her passion for portraiture and continues to improve her craft through the creation of commissioned original work.


What we love most about Lisa Bane’s portraits is her attention to detail. Through only paint and canvas, Bane is able to capture the personality of her subjects, honouring each and every marking, the texture of fur, and the expression in a pet’s eyes. Not only are these paintings a wonderful reminder of your beloved dog, they capture the essence and character of your pup in a piece of art that you can continue to cherish long after they’re gone.Painting of a dog by Lisa Bane


Although these paintings are strikingly lifelike, Bane can paint any animal as long as she has a reference point from which to paint. For a more intimate painting process, Bane is also open to painting pets in person, or meeting with your pet to create preliminary sketches while completing the final product in studio. 


With prices starting at $250, find out more about Lisa Bane at - JH 

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