K9 Sport Sack AIR

October 13, 2017
K9 Sport Sack AIR
K9 Sport Sack

Never leave your pup behind again! K9 Sport Sack, whose motto is "No Dog Left Behind!", has created an awesome dog carrier so that you can travel and explore without leaving your beloved dog at home. The new K9 Sport Sack AIR is safe, comfortable, and easy to use, and has now been updated with fully ventilated sides which allows 100% more ventilation for your dog. Built with mesh lined Foam-Tek slotted shoulder straps so you won't get overheated, the K9 Sport Sack AIR also now has a stronger 20mm thick bottom rest pad to keep your dog comfy, and has been updated with a Velcro soft side for custom name tags, safety lights and more. With the K9 Sport Sack, you can hit the trails and have adventures, without leaving your best friend behind! - ERM

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