Yogi de Beara

Yorkshire Terrier

Meet Yogi de Beara

Yogi is a really happy little guy. On the day I sent this photo to you (6/10/09) he is exactly 21 months old. I take him almost everywhere I go. He makes people smile constantly and he loves the attention! He weighs about 6 pounds but he thinks he's a big dog. I recently moved from Manhattan NY to South Florida and Yogi has fallen in love with chasing ducks! Of course most of the ducks are bigger than him but he still chases him until they turn around and chase back then it's back up into mommy's arms! Yogi also serves as my service animal. He's a little guy and often I get funny looks when I say he is a service dog, but this little guy has changed my life in so many ways for the better I think he deserve the honor of Dog of the Century, but I am bias! This photo was taken by a wonderful pet photographer in NY named Ixiana Hernandez.

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