Winston and Kyra

Australian Shepherd X Border Collie / Shih Tzu X Yorkie

Meet Winston and Kyra

Winston is a very active, toy loving, eager to work boy! 4 hour hikes are a cake walk for this boy! Kyra is a cat trapped in a dogs body! She enjoys chasing other dogs and making herself comfortable on top of any couch or windowsill!

Facts About Me
  • Age 2 years - Winston / 8 years Kyra
  • Nicknames Winston - Win, Winnie, Sir Winston / Kyra - Tim, Tiny Tim, Tim Slim Jim, Kim, Kimberly
  • Dislikes Winston - being surprised, not having all the toys / Kyra - plastic bottles, being alone, trying to play with toys with her (only likes to play on her own!)
  • Foods Winston - Tripe (or basically anything edible) / Kyra - Rollover Beef food
  • Pastimes Winston - Running! / Kyra - Making her bed!
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