Tucker/ Mud


Meet Tucker/ Mud

Tucker and Mud are two awesome dogs! They just love playing with eachother there best buds. If you sat with them for just 1 sec you would fall right in love..... Malina:I got tucker from a ladie with two kids. when he was a little puppy he got bit right on the nosie by a bitbull i really feel bad for him. Jayda:I got Mud from a farm. And they had a lot of puppys so my dad called all the puppys and Mud was the ownly one who came. :)

Facts About Me
  • Age tucker 9/Mud 8 mouths
  • Nicknames Mud:Mudrick mudbud.Tucker:tuck,Suckytucky.
  • Dislikes Tucker: Being left outside,not loved,familys not around him.Mud:Baths,dont play with him.
  • Foods Mud:All meat,Cat food.Tucker:Chiken craftdinner,fish,wet food.
  • Pastimes Tucker:Napping walks watching t.v with family.Mud:Snugling
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