Trumper Flash Avogadro

Treeing Walker Coonhound

Meet Trumper Flash Avogadro

trumper has a heart of gold--&he's the most loving goofball of a dog i've ever met to boot. he "rescued" me back in march of '12--from my own all-consuming grief over the loss of my sweet companion of 12 years, a hound mix, just a few months prior. he's the world's best built-in blanket/cuddle buddy, stubborn as they come, can bark to near deafening levels...&i wouldn't want him any other way. i'm forever grateful to the universe for letting us find one another. coonhounds make amazing pets!

Facts About Me
  • Age around 5.5 years old--acts like he's a "perma-puppy" though! ;)
  • Nicknames oh, my. if you REALLY wanna know...: chops, handsome honey hound, glomer u. rulus, zeet-zeet, mister starfeet, & the list just goes on&on&on (i'll spare y'all anymore)!
  • Dislikes lack of attention! lack of food (especially if it's someone else's)! water. rakes/lawn mowers/people hiding under blankets. no squirrels in the backyard.
  • Foods .....being a coonhound makes this an easy question to answer: anything&everything (it doesn't even have to be considered typically edible)! ;)
  • Pastimes rampaging with his ladies, lola the bullmastiff & bernadette the heinz-57 pup (my mama's dogs). OFF-LEASH PARKS (especially those with lots of squirrels). walks for infinite amounts of time. being mischieveous with his papa.
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