West Highland White Terrier

Meet Thunder

Thunder is a 12 year old Westie who goes by the nicknames Boomer, Luv Bug, Wiggle Buttumus, Boom Boom and Thunder Boomer. He likes being outside, chasing squirrels, the park (McLean) and exploring the trails in the mountains at his Granny’s house. He likes to play with his squeaky giraffe and his lighty ball. His pet peeves are not being able to patrol his yard and baths. This is Our Story: "THIEF OF MY HEART" I moved to Myrtle Beach 4 yrs. ago and was so lost and lonely. One day, about 2 wks. later, I looked out my window and saw a little white dog tied outside lying in the sun. I flew out the door & went over & started playing with him; this went on every day for about 2 wks. Then his owner an older gentleman in his 80's came out and introduced himself (Wendell), he was no longer able to walk his little dog (Thunder) so I immediately volunteered for the job. We became fast friends, really good friends and as Wendell’s health declined I took over the care of Thunder. Wendell passed away Sept. 07 and he left me with his most treasured companion, Thunder. I like to say we saved each other, they saved me from depression, I saved them from loneliness. Thunder and I definitely have a special relationship; it's one that God put in the making especially for us. :) As you can see Thunder truly is the “Thief of my Heart”

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