Thor and Athena

Thor (right) Terrier mix Athena (left) Lab/Rottie mix

Meet Thor and Athena

Thor and Athena are best buddies and are always smiling; especially when their ball is concerned! Thor was rescued at 3 and was terrified of large dogs. We rescued Athena when she was 4 months to help Thor with his fear. Athena had mange and survived Parvo and now they are the best of friends. Athena is extra special with her paw print tongue, do you see it?

Facts About Me
  • Age Thor 4 Athena 1
  • Nicknames Thor (Bubster, ThorMan) Athena (Athena bean, babygirl, little lump)
  • Dislikes Motorcycles and golf carts
  • Foods Eggs and bacon
  • Pastimes Playing and napping
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