Cocker Spaniel

Meet Tabitha

When she's not out on road shotting catnip to the local street cats, Tabitha likes kicking back and relaxing with the homies at yard. Shes a big fan of Hip Hop culture and states that everything she has learnt about leadership has come from her main man Chief Keef. But even though she rolls with the hardest crew in WY Tabitha wants people to know that she's a lover not a fighter and says that people should never judge a book by its cover but should first get in debt to said book, then judge it

Facts About Me
  • Age 5 years young
  • Nicknames 'Mandy' 'Patrick' 'Tabs'
  • Dislikes Sneak Dissers, Lil Wayne, people who owe her money.
  • Foods Strawberries, Bacon, Beef.
  • Pastimes Shottin, Rapping, Hanging Loose.
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