Meet Snuggles

Snuggles is an eight and a half yr old Chihuahua. We got him from the local pound. (I can't understand how anyone could turn this little guy loose to fend for himself.) There was one lady ahead of me but she had small kids and the folks at the pound told her that Chihuahuas dont necessarily do well w/ small children. So she never showed up to pick him up, so he was mine!!! We have been inseparable ever since. The picture is of him and the ribbons he won at our county fair, one for shortest legs and the other for best in show. I am blessed w/ his prescence whenever hubby is out of town. I talk to him and he cocks his head this way and that. Just the best behaved dog. But if someone comes to the door, boy does he ever let me know. And I'm grateful for that. He is my buddy and my constant companion and I love him!!

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