Border Collie Rottweiler

Meet Snoopy

Snoopy LOVES attention and is quite spoiled. He has the fur of his mother (Border Collie) and the fur pattern of his father (Rottweiler). He's extremely friendly especially with other dogs and even other species! This photo was taken to show that yeah, he might be what they call a mixed breed or a "mutt", but no matter what breed of dog you may have, they're extremely smart in their own little ways. As long as you have the patience, these wonderful animals will show you what they can really do!

Facts About Me
  • Age 4
  • Nicknames Noopy, Snoops.
  • Dislikes Water. He doesn't like getting his mane wet! Or giving some attention to other dogs. He'll push them out of the way and slip into your arms haha!
  • Foods Almost anything but can be very picky.
  • Pastimes Sleeping, playing in the dirt or cuddling.
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