Meet Shockey

Shockey is an awesome dog, we love him so much. He is so friendly to all children and other dogs. He LOVES going for walks. He really loves when we take him to the park, where other people walk their dogs. Shockey loves to sniff where other dogs have been. He is so loving and loyal, every time we leave the house, he sits at the front door, looking out the window and waiting foe us to return. Shockey is blind in one eye, that does not stop him from having a good time. He is such a good dog.

Facts About Me
  • Age 7
  • Nicknames Puppers
  • Dislikes Going to the vet., having his ears cleaned, baths, taking his medications.
  • Foods Steaks and his treats.
  • Pastimes Going to the beach and taking walks on the beach and greeting other dogs along the beach.
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  • So cute!
  • How adorable!
  • Love!
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