Rowdy Umby

Black Lab

Meet Rowdy Umby

Meet Rowdy. A little over a year ago he was pure black. Over the course of approximately 15 months, his eyes have slowly developed these symmetrical white rings around them. It is unknown for sure but believed to be Vitiligo. Rowdy has also had just as strange of a past as his eyes. He has been shot by a cop, survived river water poisoning, and also a mysterious chest abscess. He has quite a story to tell and has recently been brought to light because of a photo I submitted to the local news

Facts About Me
  • Age 13
  • Nicknames Rowdy
  • Dislikes When we leave (separation anxiety), getting toes trimmed
  • Foods Anything that drops on the floor :)
  • Pastimes Endless ball chasing (too old now), camping trips, surfing
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