Meet Pepper

Pepper is my best friend. She goes everywhere with me! The local cafe owner lets her come into the shop and refers to her as "that really smart dog"! Pepper loves riding in the car and going for walks. She almost never uses a leash. She will follow me to the end of the world. On one occasion i was walking to a local park to meet some friends and when I arrived i found that Pepper had followed me all the way there!She is the sweetest thing and she adores children and babies! Being so small she is unable to pick up the puppies we are often fostering so she uses her head to push them across the floor! She is training to be a therapy dog and does extremely well in agillity. She is an absoulute dream dog!

Facts About Me
  • Age 1 yr
  • Nicknames Pep, Peppy, Pepper-Girl
  • Dislikes Having her Nails Clipped, Not Coming Everywhere With Me, Pretzels
  • Foods Peppermint Tea, and Tortilla Chips
  • Pastimes Biking, Napping, Hide and Go Seek, Being carried Every Where
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