Paris Noel

Yorkshire Terrier

Meet Paris Noel

You might recognize this VERY famous little face! Her name is "Paris Noel" and she is a famous super model in the animal industry. Her Mommy, Valentina Bloomfield is the owner of "Little Paris Noel - the adorable pup model everyone loves." Paris is the heart of my business and of course it was named after her, for the love of Paris "The City of Love" and the fact that her birthday is right around Christmas. Paris Noel has 3 other famous sisters: Bella LaRue, Madeline Monet and Lili Patou. Some of the companies they model for are Petco, Walmart, I See Spot, Monkey Daze, Pet Flys, HipDoggie, Roxy & Lulu and many more! Come check us out at

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