Paloma Jane Undertooth

Boston Terrier

Meet Paloma Jane Undertooth

Paloma is a very special little girl. She is 4 years old and already has around 5000 friends on Facebook & Twitter. She likes to show her girly side but she is also a "sooper model", Comedian and a "Gangstah Rapper". She is also working on her first book. If you need a spokesdog for your business, please consider Paloma. She's a hard working little girl and everyone LOVES her!

Facts About Me
  • Age Paloma Jane is 4 years old.
  • Nicknames P-Jiggy (her rap name), Lomie, Lomie Bear, Lady Long Toes, Lomez, Loma, Loma Loma Ding Dong
  • Dislikes Vegetables, Getting her butt wiped when she comes inside, When she doesn't get to go in the car with Momma. Pats on the head...
  • Foods MEAT. Bacon, pepperoni, cheezeburgerz, chicken...anything as long as it's MEAT.
  • Pastimes Watching her 99 lb German Shep. bro start to have fun playing frisbee with Mom & then swooping in to take it away so he can't play with it anymore....Beating the other dogs to treats...eating my meat slice & then spitting out my pill out so I get more.
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