Rottweiler xpit


The dog I owe my life too n I would lay down my life for.she loved me more then anyone ever has.MOM WOULDNT BE MOM WITHOUT NINTENDO,DAUGHTER STANDS BYBTHAT QOUTEE XO I LOVE YOU MY BIG BEAUTIFUL GIRL

Facts About Me
  • Age 15
  • Nicknames Nytye cuddlebug babygirl mamas girl
  • Dislikes Cats thunderstorms
  • Foods Baked alaskan salmon n lamb chops had to hv italian bread crumbs all over mear n she love s artichomes n spagettie very spoiles i shared everythg with her
  • Pastimes Always by my side she always had tio be touchin me she lived takin showers wwith me playin ball long waks around our lakes watvhin football with she was always happy as long as we were together she knew sign lamguage too
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