Airedale Terrier
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Winner! I won the Modern Dog Photo Contest Apr 15 - 21

Meet Newman

This is Newman! He is a little stinker sometimes but we love him! he is the worlds biggest couch hogger! when ever we try to sit on the couch he comes on and starts nipping us until we gets off. He is a comedian and makes us laugh all the time! Newman LOVES, JUST LOVES, chewing on toilet paper and stuff he shouldn't! He loves reading "ModernDog" Magazines with me!

Facts About Me
  • Age In human years he is 7 months
  • Nicknames Newmie, Stinky Guy, Baby Dale, Snouty, Man
  • Dislikes When people leave him home alone, when we take stuff away from him and that's about it.
  • Foods We Don't Know Yet, we are trying to not give him human food
  • Pastimes chewing on toilet paper
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