Staffordshire Bull Terrier / Border Collie cross

Meet MsBHaven

We saved each other, I was at an all time low & she needed a home. Standoffish at first, we became friends over time; realizing she was in a good place; there was no controlling her enthusiasm for life, she became this whole new dog. I could tell she was smart, but she showed just how smart one day. I asked what she was looking at while two crows walked across my hood, she walked over & stood on my iPhone which was open in messages; I asked her to get off my phone, I look it & read “Two Ravens”.

Facts About Me
  • Age 7
  • Nicknames Ms.B, Bah, Bee, Stop Barking so LOUD, Get Back here damn it!
  • Dislikes Any dog trying to mount her, long walks in the rain, scruffy black & white dogs
  • Foods Pretty much anything n everything except eggs.
  • Pastimes Chasing squirrels, play wrestling with any dog that’ll step up and throw down
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