Long Haired Miniature Dachshund

Meet Monty

Monty is a service dog. More specifically, he helps me by alerting me when my blood sugar is low so that I can correct the situation before I fall unconscious and risk slipping into a coma. He's very much like a normal pet in every other aspect, however. His favorite toy is his stuffed piggy. He runs around with it in his mouth, throwing it in the air and catching it, chewing on it (I've sewn it about a dozen times now xD) and he can often be found sleeping with it. Monty is my canine soul mate. The bond he and I have is like no other; I put my life in his hands every day and in turn, he gives me *most* of his undying love and affection....Me... and his piggy, lol!

Facts About Me
  • Age 3 years
  • Nicknames Montezuma, Montague, Goonie, Zuma, Zazu, MahiMahi, Fish Boy, Burrito Boy, Nugget, Beluga, Baloo, Bubbaloo
  • Dislikes Nails getting clipped
  • Foods Raw Chicken :)
  • Pastimes Playing with the kitties or squeaking his piggie.
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