Yorkshire Terrier

Meet Mikko

Hi everyone, my name is Maya, I'm the red head lying next to my big brother (Jason) who's holding my babies. I am 14 months old and my husband is Mikko, he's in this contest also, he's the one playing the piano (show off) you can also see his photo as the proud dad with his five babies. I have been a very good mom and now four of my babies have found very loving families, we kept a little one, we named her Kiki, I was spayed last week so that's it for hubby, I will make sure that Kiki is also spayed when she is 6 months old, no more accidents. I gained a bit of weight but don't worry my human daddy will take me for long runs in the snow, I love snow. Thank you and please vote for me. Hugs. xoxoxo

Facts About Me
  • Age 14 months
  • Nicknames Baby
  • Dislikes When Mikko does something wrong and I get the blame, lol.
  • Foods I love pasta but my mom feeds me orijen
  • Pastimes I love to snuggle next to my human mommy and she massages me
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