Memphis Raine

Miniature Australian Shepherd

Meet Memphis Raine

Memphis is full of life! Whether I'm at work, out on the boat, or down on the farm, Memphis is right by my side! I couldn't ask for a more loyal and lovable companion! This picture was captured while photographing my great grandpa’s farm. Memphis stopped for a brief moment to watch some birds flying.

Facts About Me
  • Age 1.5
  • Nicknames Memphy, Memphonia, & Mempy Baby
  • Dislikes Lady Bugs (seriously...he's scared of them!) and the Smell of Bananas!
  • Foods Dognation Treats, Bluechews, Apples, Turkey, and String Cheese
  • Pastimes Memphis loves swimming! As a puppy Memphis was strapped into his lifejacket anytime he was outside, because where there was water, there was Memphis! When was around 4 months he had his first boating adventure with my family. Memphis was so worried abou
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