Miniature Pinscher

Meet Louie

Louie was adopted by my wife and I in 2015. He is the kindest dog you'll ever know. He doesn't bark much and is well mannered in and out of the home. What I love most is that he loves us unconditionally and kisses like crazy! If he hears a squeaker he will come running! Trails you might ask? Turns into the curious pack leader that looks back and makes sure you're ok! Love our family member :)

Facts About Me
  • Age 2 1/2
  • Nicknames Louie Lewerson. Louie Louinstine. Louie Mclouvrerson
  • Dislikes Water. showers. rain.. anything that looks like he might have to soak in! lol
  • Foods I think he is a shark dog. If we eat something.. even if its completely green.. he will eat it to make sure no one else gets a bite!
  • Pastimes Reading Dogsmopolitan! He has an insatiable appetite and loves lights at night and sqeakers during the day.
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