Little Girl

American Bulldog

Meet Little Girl

She is a former rescue taken from an owner who intentionally starved and beat her; every bone was visible the day I picked her up. Now, almost two year's later, she is close to 90 lbs and strong as an ox! She is super friendly and loves children; the very sight of any child will start her tail to wagging! Despite what she has been through, she has a sweetness about her that charms everyone she meets.

Facts About Me
  • Age 4
  • Nicknames NoodleLump, BunnyWrapper,BadBarbara
  • Dislikes Vacuum cleaner, men with canes, loud noises
  • Foods Granola Bars, KFC, grilled hamburger,mackerel, blueberry yogurt, Kelloggs Cereal
  • Pastimes Smelling everything along her walking trail, chilling out on the bed, racing around the yard, sampling everything on the dinner table.
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