Australian Shepherd

Meet Lancer

Lancer is a hilarious, vocal, work-obsessed, intense Australian Shepherd. He is a king of many titles: Lancer the Landy Dandy, the Lancer Prancer, the Baby Puppy, the Fluffy Puppy. He's one of those puppers who will never stop working. And if he does tire out, just a two minute nap and he's back in full-force. Working dogs for the win. We also have a training & life blog for spastic Lancer occurrences with his sister, Rara. Check it out!

Facts About Me
  • Age 1 year
  • Nicknames Landy Dandy, Fluffy Puppy, Lancer Prancer
  • Dislikes when other dogs want to get in his personal space
  • Foods everything that can fit into his mouth.
  • Pastimes everything related to the tennis ball.
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