Meet Kinzey

We adopted Kinzey in the end of 2010 as a promise I made to my children. I promised them that once we were into a house, they could have a dog. Kinzey has been the best most loyal companion for my children. I could never ask for a better pup. She is such a character! This year Kinzey experienced her very first snow. She acted as though it snowed just for her! She romped and ran. She plopped in the snow just to grab a mouth full of it and ran again. She's very amusing to watch and keeps the entire family entertained.

Facts About Me
  • Age 1
  • Nicknames Kinzey Binzey
  • Dislikes AIR - cannot stand to have air blown in her face
  • Foods mmm Food
  • Pastimes day dreaming on the tile floor, waiting for her morning pig ear, romping with the kids
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