Kim Luke and Jessie

Labrador and Labradoodle

Meet Kim Luke and Jessie

This are my 3 wonderful dogs Kim (7) Luke (6) and Jessie (5).Luke and Jessie are rescue dogs,who got treated very badly abusive from their pre-owner.Even so,they still love people,greeting every1 we meet with a waggling tail and a smile on their face.All 3 love nothing more then their walks in the park,playing with me,each other or other dogs,curling up at my side to get cuddled,and of course food and treats.They are so loving,intelligent,amazing dogs,who make my life happy and complete.

Facts About Me
  • Age 7 6 and 5
  • Nicknames Babygirl-Jessie, Luki-Bobo and cookie monster- Kim
  • Dislikes cats,worming tabletts and shouting people
  • Foods Nature Diet Lamb, fresh cooked chicken and Boneos
  • Pastimes playing ball and playing in water and puddles
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