Khloe Jackson

American Pit Bull Terrier

Meet Khloe Jackson

This is Khloe. She likes to open doors, jump on counters, destroy homework, and steal spoons from the dishwasher. She loves to play with her sister, Sasha. If she doesn't have attention you'll know because she'll be whining. She LOVES people. She is very sweet and won't stop licking you. She has beautiful blue/green eyes and a super boopable nose. We call her Wigglebutt because when she's excited her but wiggles like crazy.

Facts About Me
  • Age 6 months old
  • Nicknames Khlo-Khlo, Wigglebutt, Disaster Girl, Wiggle Monster, Thief
  • Dislikes She doesn't like not having attention, car rides, the vet, and being alone.
  • Foods cheese, meat, ice cubes, dog treats
  • Pastimes Sleeping, destroying, wiggling, giving kisses, eating, playing, stealing, and running around like a crazy person.
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