Keller Garrett


Meet Keller Garrett

Keller is a beautiful, smart, loving and spoiled miniature beagle. He is a social butterfly with such a fun personality. We fell in love with him the day I brought him home. He was a tiny 3 month old. He adjusted quite well as an inside dog. He brings so much joy into our home. He makes it quite interesting with his strong and stubborn attitude. He also has the cutest "bad boy" bow legged strut. He has those cute ears, the prettiest coat and freckles on his feet! Absolutely adorable!

Facts About Me
  • Age 9 months
  • Nicknames Houdini. He disappears. After looking for him everywhere he majically comes walking up out of nowhere strutting his 'bad boy bow legged walk'. So cute!
  • Dislikes To be confined or left alone.
  • Foods Treats! He likes a taste of table food but we are trying not to get in that habit. Loves any type of jerkey and pig ear treats.
  • Pastimes Chasing squirls, playing with other dogs, fetching the ball with his parents, chewing up anything, chasing fiddler crabs in the marsh, shrimping and just loves to be around people!
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