German Shepherd

Meet Kai

Kai is a five month old German Shepherd mix who I received from my mom on my birthday, July 21st, 2009. Kai has taught me so much in the short time we've been together, including patience and how to laugh at the little things. She has made me who I am today, and that is a major improvement. I can't think-or even dream- of a better friend, companion, soul mate, or teacher. Kai isn't "Just a dog," And I'm not trying to make her sound better than she is. I cannot describe her with words, nor can I with drawing or any kind of art. Her purity and clarity of soul is uncontainable. The dedication she gives to me is amazing, and she proves to me every day that there is a brighter side, and that when something doesn't work, try an other way; there's a possibility somewhere. I love Kai with every beat of my heart, every minute, every hour, every day 24/7 for the rest of my life, and there will never be a dog like Kai.

Facts About Me
  • Age 5 months
  • Nicknames Krazy Kai, Dog, Kai-bug, Kai-ote(Coyote), Kai Kai, Fuzz butt
  • Dislikes Being left behind
  • Foods Cheese, bacon, vanilla ice cream, ice cubes
  • Pastimes Chase me!, contact agility, learning tricks, playing ball
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