German Shepherd Dog

Meet K.O.

K.O. is an East German Working Line Shepherd. His coat type is called plush and his coloring is called black sable. He was bred to work. He will be my personal protection dog but I also hope to do other things with him as well. Such as, tracking and herding. K.O. LOVES to play ball. His favorite ball is his Nero Ball.

Facts About Me
  • Age 1yr
  • Nicknames Tater, Twuppy(my 4yr olds doing), Monster, little Dragon, psycho dog.
  • Dislikes Trespassers, when I have to leave without him, chill days(he can't stand being lazy!)
  • Foods Beef jerky, his TOTW food and pretty much whatever I'm having that he can have lol
  • Pastimes Bitework, when I throw his Nero ball, swimming and hiking.
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