Juno and Maya

Boxer and Italian Mastiff

Meet Juno and Maya

Juno is a two year old boxer. My husband and I got her as a tiny eight week old puppy full of personality. Even though she has a pretty terrible heart murmur and irregular heart beats, she's got incredibly energy and nothing but love and many licks to give. Juno changed our lives. Since getting her, I began working with dogs - working at a dog daycare, and then starting up my own dog care business when relocating to a new city. Maya was found on the street. No one claimed her and I fell in love. She was estimated to be around 7-10 months old and had a really sweet personality - which turns out to be very much like an old lazy man! We brought her in to see if she would work out well in our home, and she fit in from day one! Juno and Maya are best friends now and do everything together - including sleeping by the cozy fire after a very long dog-filled day!

Facts About Me
  • Age 2 and 1.5 years old
  • Nicknames Juno: June-bug, Junes, Bug, Bugface, Peanut, Juno-sauce, Steve Maya: Myjsha, Myna, Myra, Myes, Old man
  • Dislikes Juno: eating first thing in the morning, being pet right on top of her head Maya: shovels or any outdoor use tools, hot weather
  • Foods Pet food: Blue Buffalo Salmon or White Fish Treats: dried liver or chicken - one ingredient treats Human Foods: Plain Yogurt, Cheese, Rice
  • Pastimes Trails hikes, going to the big backyard to sniff and chase each other, "bowling" in the hallway, performing tricks for treats
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