Meet Joey

Joey is a rescue dog. I found him on the streets, thrown out (for the 2. time) when he was about 6-7 weeks old. It was love at first sight. And I can honestly say, he saved my life!! I was on a path which would only lead to problems, but after I found him everything changed and I got my life back on track. He is the joy of the whole family, including the one in Denmark and he won many hearts here, even of those who normally hates animals. Picture is taken when he was with me on holiday in Denmark and we went sailing in his "grandfathers" boat. He loves it. Looking at his face when he saw a seal for the first time ever, it was worth gold.

Facts About Me
  • Age
  • Nicknames The Greek
  • Dislikes Other cats who wants to go in his garden
  • Foods Any food his mum makes.
  • Pastimes Making sure nothing happens out on the street which he dosnt know about
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