Meet Java

Anyone who knows Java Falls in love with him! He is the sweetest angel and a "big wuss", as my dad calls him. He LOVES attention from anyone. On daily walks, he is always the main attraction, people either want to pet him, or they grab their kids and walk far away. It's pretty funny! Java is a big clown. He is goofy and silly and at 9 years old is super happy and acts like a puppy still. He is so happy and loves his life. He is my special angel!

Facts About Me
  • Age 9
  • Nicknames Java bean, sweet bean, beaner, bean
  • Dislikes When I cry or am sad, when I blow in his face, people on bicycles, balloons
  • Foods Carrots, iceberg lettuce or romaine lettuce, sweet potatoes, peanut butter, eggs, chicken
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