HRH Charles

chihuahua, age 18

Meet HRH Charles

HRH is 18 years old. he has become diabetic in the last year and is now totally blind but he is feisty and regal as ever. He hates me -- he is like a bad boyfriend. we are fine when we are alone but when there is anyone else around, he snarls at me to leave him alone. he is toothless, so the snarl is just a gum-scare. He LOVES everyone, including kids, except me. he is known far and wide for his perserverance and his temperment. he is rescued (age 9) and now, having been with me for 9 years, he remains full of himself. He has a column in a blog newsletter, he has a very high opinion of himself and he is wildly healthy save for his blindness and lack of teeth! he is quite the creature and I dread losing him, but hope for some more years even though he is 18. PS he hates this picture since the cold water shrunk his "immense manliness". he also resents me telling you that i act as pro bono (pro boneo?) legal counsel to a number of rescue groups. Norma Priday, B.A., M.B.A., LL.B Barrister and Solicitor

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