Labrador retriever

Meet Halo

Hi! I'm Halo! I'm a 1 and a half years old. I love to play outside all year around. I love fishing, hiking, playing in the snow, swimming, playing catch with my mom and dad and licking people's faces! I do the best tricks if you have a yummy treat to give me! I'm very loyal and love to snuggle with my family. I love making new friends! I always greet people with a big, sloppy kiss! Right here in my picture was my first ice fishing day! Thanx everyone for voting for me! WOOF, WOOF! Love, Halo

Facts About Me
  • Age 18 Months
  • Dislikes Loud thunder, going to the vet, cooked shrimp, staying in the yard and being on my leash!
  • Foods Ice cream, steak and chicken, or anything besides my "healthy pup food!" (Mom & Dad make me eat my veggies!)
  • Pastimes Meeting my new mom and dad for the first time!
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