Meet Gordita

Gordita is a rescue who came to us 2 years ago. She was in pretty bad shape and had a pretty tough life before she was rescued. She battled heartworms, hook worms, malnourishment, neglect and having a litter of 7, but now she is a super healthy and happy girl who lives the good life. She loves her big yard and freedom to run. She loves her forever family puts a smile on everyone's face. We may have rescued her, but she surely has rescued us.

Facts About Me
  • Age 3
  • Nicknames Hound, Munchkin, Peanut, baby girl
  • Dislikes Vacuums, the mailman, UPS trucks, and solicitors
  • Foods Tostitos, ice cream, chicken and rice
  • Pastimes Laying in the bay window in the sunshine, carrying a tennis ball around the yard, racing the neighbors in the cars as the drive past our house
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