We've talked about a dog for years, but it was never a reality since we both worked for the airlines and were not home on a regular basis. Our careers changed after several decades, and we decided it was time to start the family we talked about. We stumbled upon an incredible little Puggle puppy on-line. We were a bit apprehensive, but had a good gut feeling about it all. We'll never forget waiting at LaGuardia airport until he was brought to us at the special cargo area. We were in awe...speechless...and both our hearts skipped a beat or two. Aside from being as handsome as he was, his personality was amazing. He made us laugh and smile...and couldn't be any more affectionate. We want him to always be as happy as he makes us. So...Gizmo's original name from the ranch he was born on was Ripper. We figured out why pretty quickly. Paper towels and newspapers were more enjoyable than any toy we bought him. We had always thought when and if we got a dog...we wanted to name it Gizmo though. For the first few weeks here...he thought we changed his name from Ripper to No No Bad Dog. When he did something silly...which was often...we affectionately called him Jerky. Anyway...we felt bad leaving him when we had to go to work. One day about a year after Gizmo arrived...we went on the web site for the ranch. There were photos of a new litter of Puggles born 8/18/07, exactly a year after Gizmo was the same Beagle mom and Pug dad. We were scrolling through the pictures. There was a little guy named...Jerky! We looked at each other...and were equally as shocked...and we said...we're getting another puppy. We picked up Gizmo's little brother and drove back to the house. We got Gizmo, and brought him up to the street to meet on neutral turf. They were very excited to meet each other. After a while, we brought them both back to the house. It was a bit strange for Gizmo, since all the other dogs he ever met anywhere were only around for a short time. This one wasn't going anywhere. Gizmo finally figured out the little guy was staying. He gave in and took his little pal under his wing...or paw. Ripper became Gizmo and we sometimes called him Jerky...but then Jerky came we couldn't keep that name or Gizmo might respond. We decided to come up with another name that was five letters long...with a 'z' in the middle, like Gizmo had. We finally decided to take the first two letters from one of our last names, Hammer...then put the 'z'...then use the last two letters from the other last name, LoBosco...and we came up with Hazco. At first, we tried it the other way...taking the 'Lo' from LoBosco and 'er' from Hammer, but quickly realized with the 'z' in the middle, that spelled Lozer! Changing a puppy's name from Jerky to Lozer would certainly bring upon years of therapy for him. For a while, friends called him Orzo, Quizno, Hasbro, and several other things...but everyone finally caught on to Hazco. They're brothers and best friends. They couldn't be any happier. Neither could we. They're truly man's best friend.

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