Greyhound Mix

Meet Drzl

Drzl (pronounced Drizzle) is a wonderful, loving, and extremely intelligent rescue dog. She is half greyhound mixed with rhodesian ridgeback. To watch her run is a joyful experience. She can leap, turn, twirl, and hop in mid-air, as if she's walking on sunshine. It is poetry in motion. Drzl can often outsmart us with her intelligence. We adopted this marvelous dog from a shelter at the age of one year. Prior to her adoption she had never had a home and was only known as dog #266. She has a home forever now in the woods of Maine. We love her very dearly, and we're sure she loves us too!

Facts About Me
  • Age 3 years
  • Nicknames Drizzy
  • Dislikes Ear drops, anyone sneezing around her
  • Foods Roast Beef, cooked carrots, rice, peas
  • Pastimes Eating, sleeping, running through the woods
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