Australian Cattle Dog/ Texas Cattle Dog/ Blue Heeler

Meet Dexter

Dexter enjoys toys with stuffing, going on strolls around our neighborhood (but will make sure to lead you home if he wants to check on someone) and has the purest of hearts and the goofiest of quirks. If you are lucky enough to be in his circle of trust, after his painful past before rescued, you feel an unconditional love so pure you know he chose you all on his own. If that's not enough, add the forever “puppy” face, floppy ears, and adorable expressions complete with head tilt.

Facts About Me
  • Age 7
  • Nicknames Bubba, Baby Boy
  • Dislikes Rain, baths, being home alone, and flies around him
  • Foods Dentastix, Salmon Chews, Milk (but not often), doggie ice cream!
  • Pastimes Playing tug, chewing on a toy while his human sits next to him, cooking with grandpa
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