Cricket Crocket

Lhaso Apso Mix

Meet Cricket Crocket

Cricket Crocket...(Queen of the whole backyard), was found wandering a neighborhood, matted and dirty, hungry from not eating. She was given to a person who kept her in the garage for a few days. And decided she didn't want her. Cricket was just a few months old, left to fend for herself. Another person took her in and advertised a lost pup, the ad was up for two weeks as well as fliers passed throughout three towns. I offered to take her, if the owners were not located... I was told she was not trained and didn't like people. I didn't care. I could see the potential. Though she started out with a tough life and cataracts, I wanted to give her a good home and training. I met the caretaker at the groomers, where the pup had her first bath and cut. I sat on the floor, and she walked up to me and sat down. I scratched her belly. She climbed in my lap....She owned me. She has been a loyal companion, and friend. She is now 3.5 years old and a happy camper, in her acre of land and all the lizards and gophers she can chase and dig for....She was easily house trained and has learned her commands and leash etiquette. She has a soft cozy spot on the end of the bed with her favorite blanket. And her very own bucket of toys and treats.... She's such a sweet dog...and a loving dog. Life without my Cricket just would not be the same.....

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