American Pitbull Terrier X English Mastiff

Meet Corona

This is my boyfriend and I's big gorgeous girl, Corona! She's a big sweetheart who loves everyone and everything! She has hip dysplasia, but seems to forget... So unfortunately we have to moderate her exercise or else she tends to outdo herself. We have had her since puppyhood and, socializing her and training her very well as she grew up, she has turned out to be a fabulously well-behaved and well-balanced girl. Which is great, as unfortunately there are many people in our area who still seem to hold that outdated and unaccurate idea of what a 'pitbull' is... She is a big suck, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. So long as you mean her or her loved ones no harm, she will be your best friend - particularly if you throw her tennis ball for her!

Facts About Me
  • Age 2.5
  • Nicknames Corons, Chico, Coco, Cocobean, Bean, Beaner, Beanie-Weenz, Stinky, Limpy
  • Dislikes Her glucosamine pills! Getting in trouble for sneaking out of the yard, mean dogs, when there's no one around for her to love, losing toys... and that's about it!
  • Foods Meat of all kinds! Acana dry dog food, organic chicken treats, peanut butter, soup bones, and grass.
  • Pastimes sleeping, eating, playing, swimming, loving, belly rubs, farting, burping, snoring, drooling, sniffing dog bum, sucking on pillows and/or blankets, cuddling with the cat, sunbathing, pretending to be a lapdog...
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