Black Mouth Cur

Meet Cooper

This is my couch. My parents keep vacuuming it, and sitting on it. I like dirt, they just do not get it. I'am trying to talk them into getting my squirell hunting license. It is my favorite thing to do, other than playing with my parents. For some reason they like to get my ball out from under the couch. So I keep rolling it there, it makes them happy. OH...I also like to go fishing. Fish smell so good when they have baked in the sun for days. I roll on them, I should put out my own line of colonge, fish de' pup. I could make a million bones, and show all of those snotty clothed prissy dogs I see on t.v. I am the real thing! Anyway.....This photo was taken after a long hunt in the park, only they would not let me off my leash. I am NOT A PUPPY...I am almost 7 (in people years). Anyway, if you see me at the park try to talk some sense into my parents about letting me hunt. Later kids, I am out like a rabbit down a hole.

Facts About Me
  • Age 1
  • Nicknames Pooper Scooper
  • Dislikes Spiders, DVD players (only when they open), buzzing toothbrush. I bark at them all
  • Foods A nice bowl of Blue Buffalo kibble topped off with a spoonfull of Blue Buffalo Turducken
  • Pastimes squirrels. squirrels. burying red ball in parents bedding.
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