Chihuahua mixed with Weiner

Meet Cooper

This dog is a heart-melter. Everywhere we go, people fall over themselves with how cute and handsome he is! His personality and sweetness match the cuteness. He will walk up to a total stranger and jump in their lap and start licking them - especially if he thinks they may be sad.

Facts About Me
  • Age 6
  • Nicknames Coo-puh, coopuh dog, Coop-coop, Bibi, Sweet Boy, Cooper Dog, Cutie Pie, Buddy Buddy
  • Dislikes Fleaspray, baths, getting teeth brushed, being at home alone
  • Foods Treats and grain-free organic dry dog food, in that order
  • Pastimes Running at the track, barking at any kind of animal, loving on people, protecting young kids, trying to be every person's number one dog
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  • How adorable!
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